Starting, Stopping, or Destroying Instances

Running a job automatically provisions and starts the target system and associated instances on AWS. After running a job, provisioned instances are active and running on AWS until you stop or destroy them in Hybrid Cloud Manager. To avoid accruing extra charges, you might stop provisioned instances when the software is idle between jobs. Stopping an instance shuts down compute resources but leaves data intact, while destroying an instance permanently eliminates the instance and all its data. Destroyed instances cannot be started again and their state changes to unprovisioned.
  1. Select > Systems > Provisioned.
  2. Select to start, stop, or destroy an instance.
    You can start, stop, or destroy instances provisioned by Teradata Hybrid Cloud Manager only in Hybrid Cloud Manager, not in the AWS console or command line, as AWS does not detect external changes made to Hybrid Cloud Manager.

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