Launching Teradata Hybrid Cloud Manager on AWS

Depending on your account settings, check to ensure the IAM user has permissions for AWS CloudFormation, IAM roles, IAM profiles, and instance profiles. Create a VPC and subnet. Check if AWS service limits need to be increased, particularly for EBS and EC2 instance limits.
  1. In the AWS Marketplace, select Your Marketplace Software from your account menu.
  2. Under the subscription name, click Launch More Software.
  3. Under Software Pricing, select your subscription term.
  4. Under Version, select the release version.
  5. Select a Region.
  6. Click Launch with CloudFormation Console, then click Next.
  7. Under Specify Details, type a stack name.
    The stack name must be unique to your region.
  8. Under Parameters, specify the following values for the Teradata Hybrid Cloud Manager instance:
    Parameter Category Parameter Name Action
    VPC Settings VPC Select a virtual private cloud in which the system will be launched.
    Subnet Select a subnet.
    Remote Access From Enter an CIDR address (public IP address) of your security group to lock down SSH and enable access to the Data Mover nodes.

    Check to ensure the CIDR address you enter is not being used by existing subnets in the same VPC by going to the AWS Web Console. Under Networking, select VPC. Under Resources, select Subnets. Check the CIDR column.

    Key Pair AWS Key Pair Enter a key pair to SSH into the instances.
    Teradata Hybrid Cloud Manager Instance Name Enter a name to identify the instance.
    Instance Type Select the EC2 instance type to launch.
  9. Click Next.
  10. [Optional] Under Tags, specify up to 10 unique key-value pairs for resources in your stack, allowing you to search at a later time for the resources you launched.
  11. [Optional] Set additional options for your stack, then click Next.
    Change Rollback on failure to No if you want to troubleshoot a stack failure. The default setting is Yes.
  12. Select I acknowledge, then click Create.
    This process can take up to 45 minutes depending on your configuration.
    Trying to SSH into the instance may cause the creation of the stack to fail. Do not try to SSH into the instance until either CREATE_COMPLETE displays in the Status column or you receive a failure notification.
  13. [Optional] To monitor the stack creation progress, do the following:
    1. From the AWS CloudFormation console, ensure CREATE_IN_PROGRESS displays in the Status column.
    2. After the stack is created, ensure CREATE_COMPLETE displays in the Status column.
    3. From the AWS EC2 Console, click Instances in the left column and ensure your instance is listed under the Name column with a value equal to the Instance Name parameter you entered above.
    After the stack is created, Teradata Hybrid Cloud Manager is started. No additional configuration is required. The application may take several minutes to load after launching.

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