Configuring a Cloud Provider

The IAM user must have permissions for AWS CloudFormation, IAM roles, IAM profiles, and instance profiles. Also, check if AWS service limits need to be increased, particularly for EBS, EC2 instances, and VPC elastic IP address limits.
  1. On the Overview page in the Getting Started section, click Add a Cloud Provider.
  2. Under Cloud Provider Account, select one of the following, then click SAVE:
    Choice Action
    IAM role Enter the ARN you received when creating an IAM role.
    Key authentication
    1. Access key ID: Enter the Amazon public security credential, similar to a user name.
    2. Secret access key: Enter the Amazon private security credential, similar to a password.

      Use the private key to SSH into any provisioned instance.

  3. Under Cloud Provider Configuration, enter the configuration details and click SAVE.

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